The more I experimented, the better I got at making ceramics. I got paid for it – No! I did not. But I got the commission to make more which has left me with a sense of great appreciation and gratitude.

I never had a career plan. When you are an artist/a craft(wo)man, you do not have a plan – you make what you desire. I made installations, sculptures, and design products everything I could think of with this plastic material: clay. I just did the next thing on the list. Looking back on it – I completely failed to follow through. I had no rules for making it, and I didn’t want to know what was ‘allowed’ and what not. This led me to experiment more.

What is possible or impossible is an idea created by people who never tried to go beyond these concepts –

If you do not know, it is always easier.

I didn’t need permission to make. I only had to keep a balance between what I wanted to do and how to make a living. Every little tool at the studio gave me joy. Because I didn’t want a career, I wanted a lifestyle. ‘Is there a way?’ people ask, and you hope to be able to give a clear answer. Simply go and find out how things work. I often wonder where it will take me –

Spending time at the studio never felt like working. I tend to do anything which has a feel of adventure. I would always stop the second it felt like a job. As a freelancer, you just throw something out there, and one day someone might find it and appreciate, take time to understand. We may put out hundreds of things before getting a response.

Every day waking up, putting on my formal clothes for work in order to have a certain amount of money in my bank account – seems like a tragedy! Does it allow us to do the things that mattered to us? I did not do commission work just for the sake of money. I still wanted to be able to appreciate the work I put out there.  It took time, but I realized that if you don’t make it your way of life, you will never make it. My methods, the vision I have and the way I express myself are the basis of my work. I want to make an impact – perhaps inspire, and meanwhile, I will be enjoying the ride.