Artists create opportunities for the community – individuals, businesses, social service groups – to come together through different cultural experiences and informally build stronger bonds with one other, they make the neighborhoods livelier. In return, the neighborhoods give the arts diversity.” – Jan Cohen-Cruz

“Of concern” is a collection of short stories based on the Rotterdam-West residents. I conducted a series of personal conversations whose primary focuses are: belonging, shared communities, and practices, inner relationships built between residents. The project fosters diversity and multiplicity in this part of the city and tries to open a dialog about coexisting cultures, and intimate voices which emerge.


“ It was the mentality
of that time: ‘old’ was
not good

“A certain warm feeling that
makes me want to come back

“It takes a village to raise child”

“Gold day”

“I saw the shining lights, huge ships and cranes, it looked like New York City from distance, I always wanted to work at the port”


This project was riso-printed in Rotterdam in an edition of 150, June 2022.
Many thanks to all participants who agreed to share their stories and the guidance of Michaela Lakova, Ninke Tepsma, and the help of Colin Dassen with the production of the ceramics resin table.
Editing by Laura Akana
Riso print by Michael van Kekem
Public artwork, ceramic, resin table handcrafted 17 West Rotterdam houses from the street of the stories collected.
This project was realized with the generous support of Droom and Daad