The Chromatic Dinner

The Chromatic Dinner

Inspired by the ideas of Kandinsky’s principles of Klangfarben, and the influence of the
Chinese five elements: Tree, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, each course is created in accordance to the color and underlying principles of each element.

Each course is designed in a different color, taste, smell, texture, and sound to create a five-course chromatic dining experience.

The project’s research stems from studies in Syntheses, a perceptual condition in which the stimulation of one sense triggers an automatic, involuntary experience in another sense. The project asks the question if color can create emotion, can that emotion and color be enhanced by combining it with other senses. Part of the ongoing investigation is to see how a combination of these senses can create different emotional and social response from the guests through the course of the evening and heighten the gastronomic experience. Each course has its own soundtrack inspired by Newton’s circle of sound and color (1704). Working together with perfume researcher Caro Verbeek, Butler and Gershberg create each dish based upon smells that are associated with that color. The surroundings and clothing of the waiters also change per course.
The chromatic dinner is a monochromatic, audio, visual, olfactory and culinary experience which plays with all the senses.

Concept | Martin Butler & Alexander Gershberg

Producer | Monica Sharon

Napkins | Studio Mae Engelgeer

Table Cloth | David Derksen Design

Tableware – Yellow Course | Funda Baysal

Surtout de Table | Cedric Van Parys

Sommelier | Jaclyn Zimmerman

Scents | The Institute of Art and Olfaction Los Angeles

Photos | Aad Hogendoorn

hosted by Het Nieuwe Instituut

A setting sun in the garden of Huis Sonneveld, the smell of fresh cut grass, five sensational courses and many inspiring conversations.