I am a studio ceramist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, emphasizing authenticity, thought-provoking narratives, the exploration of the fictional, and the application of parametric thinking. My work process is deeply rooted in the observation of everyday life and inner sensations, serving as the foundation of my journey. I focus on the relationship between individuals and their environments, navigating through various conceptual frameworks.

Within my practice, I create solid forms from ceramic materials, employing a delicate interplay of various elements. These include the selection of tools, the application of inorganic materials, and the use of heat—all converging through a fusion of craft-based knowledge and experimentation. Learning unfolds in the dynamic journey of doing, where knowledge is acquired in the present moment. The tangible results embody the time dedicated to this transformative process, manifesting my commitments.

With an ever-evolving perspective and a keen eye for equilibrium, I often return to my work with a changed perspective and a focus on balance.

I have studied at Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, and Escuela de Arte Superior de Cerámica de Manises, Spain, with a major in Ceramics and Glass.



2025 – Jingdezhen University, International ceramic studio residency, China

2024-07 To Lock out is to lock in, Danwei, Tank Museum, Shanghai, China

2024 -06 Ceramics in D minor, Museum Paul Tetar van Elven, Delft, The Netherlands

Projects & Exhibitions

2024 Officine Saffi Gallery, Jury viewed exhibition, Representing ceramic artist NL, Milan, Italy

2024 Show and Tell, Kunstinstituut Melly, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2024 Salone de Mobile, in collaboration Studio Piet Boon, Milan, Italy

2024 Ceramics in D minor, interview, front page, published

Hudobny Zivot music magazine, Bratislava, Slovakia

2024 Ceramics in D minor, Object Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2023 La folia, 23th variation, Jingdezhen Ceramics Biennial,

Jury viewed exhibition, Jingdezhen, China.

2023 My Oma exhibition, Kunstinstituut Melly, Rotterdam.

2023 Xenofossils, collaboration Fiber Festival, Amsterdam

          Xenofossils, collaboration, Dutch Design Week, Amsterdam

2022  Of Concern II, Public artwork, South Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2022 Folk Farma Kid, collaboration, Children of 2050, Tatem, Enschede, The Netherland

2022 Innocent cabbage, Exhibition, Sofia Art Week, Aether art space, Sofia, Bulgaria

2022 Repetition, Exhibition Herbarium collection, Sofia, Bulgaria

2022 een aarbei = een verhaal, public project, Bospolder Tussendijk, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2021 Clay Mates, Claymation movie, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2021 Of Concern I, Public artwork, UEB West, Rotterdam

2021 Elle magazine, published, The Netherlands

2019 Neck of the Woods , Group exhibition, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2018 The Chromatic dinner, collaboration, Nieuwe Institute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

 Beijing Design Week, Beijing, China

 Seattle Design Week, Seattle, USA

2017 To lock in to lock out, Solo, Foundation Mesh, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Grands & Awards

2024 People of the Wind, Impuls and Deepening grand, funded by CBK Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2023  SAHA, Artist production grand, Istanbul, Turkey

2022 Ceramics in D minor, R&D grand, funded by CBK Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2022 Of Concern II, public artwork, funded by Wijkcollectie, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2021  Of Concern I, public artwork, funded by Droom en Daad, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2021 Clay Mates, Claymation movies Funded by Droom en Daad, The Netherlands

2018 The Chromatic Dinner, Collective project, Beijing Food and Innovation Award, Beijing, China

2012-2014Master degree scholarship, Turk Egitim Vakfi (Turkish Education Foundation)

2012 Bachelor degree’s certificate of honor, Hacettepe University

2009-2011 Bachelor degree scholarship award, Turk Egitim Vakfi (Turkish Education Foundation)

2009 Recycled Material Design Competition – 1st prize ECE Turkey