I am a ceramist visual artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, emphasizing authenticity, thought-provoking narratives, the exploration of the fictional, and the application of parametric thinking. My work process is deeply rooted in the observation of everyday life and inner sensations, serving as the foundation of my journey. I focus on the relationship between individuals and their environments, navigating through various conceptual frameworks.

Within my practice, I create solid forms from ceramic materials, employing a delicate interplay of various elements. These include the selection of tools, the application of inorganic materials, and the use of heat—all converging through a fusion of craft-based knowledge and experimentation. Learning unfolds in the dynamic journey of doing, where knowledge is acquired in the present moment. The tangible results embody the time dedicated to this transformative process, manifesting my commitments.

With an ever-evolving perspective and a keen eye for equilibrium, I often return to my work with a changed perspective and a focus on balance.

I have studied at Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, and Escuela de Arte Superior de Cerámica de Manises, Spain, with a major in Ceramics and Glass.