Gen C: Children of 2050, Folkfarma kid

“Folkfarma Kids are descendants of indigenous people that, after centuries of oppression, have reclaimed their rights to their land. They view nature as part of their well-being and share their indigenous knowledge with others.

Naturally, they generate energy from the soil and make their medicine with local flora. Having lived through ecological disasters and political strife, they are comfortable navigating uncertainty and the complex nature of life.

Folkfarma kids are generally self-sufficient, down-to-earth, and wise beyond their years.” Bianca Carague

This is a piece we realized in collaboration with Bianca Carague,  for the exhibition Gen C: Children of 2050 in Tatem, Enschede, NL

The term ‘folkfarma’ (as in folk pharmaceutical) is taken from artist Serina Tarkhanian who works along the lines of microbial healing, indigenous medicinal practices, and co-care.

You may find more about this exhibition here