La Folia – Variations

In music composition interruptions challenge the established order, just like parametric world demands the delicate synchronisation of time and values to ensure the seamless voyage of the nozzle. Just as “shape” serves as the temporal framework within which instruments still render render their designated notes, these interruptions and alterations introduce a dissonance into the established tapestry. They do more than simply disrupt routines; they give birth to entirely new patterns. This mirrors the way it flows and processes, encouraging the emergence of new approaches.

12th variation


I find myself questioning the prevailing reliance on the unwavering precision and consistency of digital processes within our society. Consequently, I engage in deliberate experimentation with the errors inherent to 3D printers, resulting in unforeseen and non-repeatable outcomes.

I provided my printer with a misaligned drawing, using different Z heights. The absence of a sensor meant the machine had no guidance, except for the given commands. It seemed to be ‘printing in thin air’ until a precarious stack of material had accumulated. This may sound implausible, as it demanded control over mass distribution to prevent structural sinking or deformation during the process, it ultimately resulted in a body of work. However, it came at the cost of significant loss of notations.